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Beauty across the years

Aesthetic treatments are available for all age groups. Younger people may use aesthetic medicine as a preventative measure or consider surgery to correct imperfections that are not directly related to aging. Later in life, aesthetic medicine may be used as a complimentary treatment or to prevent the need for surgery. However, from a certain age surgery tends to become inevitable and the positive results tend to speak for themselves, as can be seen with facelifts for example.


Everyone has their own personal view of aesthetics and the role it plays in their life. First and foremost, my role as a surgeon is to listen to you, to understand your requirements and of course to advise you regarding the different medical and surgical alternatives available, dependent on your expectations, age and morphology.

Fight effectively against the signs of aging and improve your appearance.

lutter efficacement contre le vieillissement et corriger l'apparence
lutter efficacement contre le vieillissement et corriger l'apparence

Signs of aging

Skin aging is a perfectly natural process. Its effects and first signs are largely dependent on your lifestyle and genes. It results from the continual breakdown in the structure of vital tissues.

Choose the right treatment for you

Doctor Laurent Dumas

Docteur Laurent Dumas chirurgien et médecin esthétique
Docteur Laurent Dumas chirurgien et médecin esthétique

My ethical practice

While I may have chosen to practice cosmetic medicine and surgery, it was not because I wanted to establish a production line of facelifts and liposuction procedures or tell patients how I think they should look.

I believe that by giving people the opportunity to overcome personal preoccupations about their looks, or correct their imperfections, I am also giving them the means to start afresh and regain confidence. When a patient leaves my practice following a aesthetic medicine procedure, or comes to me following aesthetic surgery, and tells me it has had a positive effect on their approach to life, then I know I have truly achieved what I set out to do.

This is why my consultations with are never hurried. I will always take the time to understand a patient’s requirements, give them advice, and explain the best course of action for what they wish to achieve. Don’t hesitate to make an appointment to discuss your requirements further.

I hope to see you soon.

Laurent Dumas

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Docteur Laurent Dumas chirurgien et médecin esthétique à Paris